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Common myths about divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2019 | Divorce

Some people in Arizona may believe a number of myths about divorce. These myths can be harmful when they mean that people going through a divorce are misled about finances or child custody. For example, a couple may assume that having separate bank accounts means their finances will be considered separate, but this is not the case. In Arizona, a community property state, most assets acquired since the marriage are considered shared property.

Another misconception is that mothers always get custody. Under this assumption, fathers may not even try for custody. However, courts make a decision about custody that is in the best interests of the child. A father who has been the main caregiver for the child may be awarded custody. Similarly, men might also assume that they will not receive alimony. This has also changed as more women have entered the workforce and their salaries have increased. Men who have stayed home and cared for children may be paid spousal support until they are back in the workforce.

Another common myth is that only one person is to blame in the divorce. Some people might also assume that divorce will solve all their problems. However, there are still challenges ahead after a marriage ends. People may suffer a loss in their standard of living, and co-parenting after divorce can be difficult.

Some of these challenges may arise before the divorce is final. Couples must reach an agreement on property division and child custody. They can do this through negotiation or go to court, but many couples prefer to avoid litigation if possible. While property division may leave their finances separate, they may still have to work together as parents. A parenting agreement that agrees on some consistent expectations between households and addresses any significant issues that concern either parent may help.