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Child custody tips may help divorcing parents with young children

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | Child Custody

Getting divorced in Arizona is never a simple process, especially when children are involved. This is particularly true if the two parents cannot find common ground in the area of child custody. However, some tips may help people who are going through divorce to minimize its impacts on their children.

For starters, divorcing parents may want to take time to speak with their children and find out what they want following the divorce. For instance, which parent would they want to stay with the majority of the time? The parents can then try to make custody decisions that reflect the children’s wishes and what is best for them long-term.

In addition, divorcing parents would be wise to remain communicative with one another. This will allow their shared children to remain connected with each of them. In other words, the children may be comfortable with talking to either parent and thus avoid the loneliness that can come with having feuding co-parents.

The best scenario during a divorce involving young children is for both parents to try to create a mutually satisfactory parenting agreement outside of court. This type of agreement can be reached through mediation or informal negotiations, for example. Settling out of court will prevent the pair from having to go to divorce court and have a judge make their child custody decision for them. An attorney in Arizona can provide the guidance needed to pursue a fair and comprehensive parenting agreement that reflects not only his or her client’s best interests but also the children’s best interests both now and in the future.