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Key points about requesting an Arizona child support modification

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2020 | Child Support

In Arizona, when there is an order for child support, the amount to be paid will be based on multiple factors including the child’s needs and the parents’ income and expenditures. The courts seek to serve the child’s best interests. Still, other factors can come into play when the child support amount is determined. People may request a modification if they deem it necessary. Having legal assistance with a child support modification may be beneficial to achieving one’s goals.

Important aspects of a child support modification

Given the current health situation and how it has impacted people’s income, medical needs and finances, there could be a justification to modify a child support order. Understanding key factors about getting a modification is imperative. This is true from the perspective of the custodial and non-custodial parent. The modification request can be made every three years and there does not need to be a change in circumstances to warrant it. If the request is made before three years have elapsed since the previous request, it is necessary to show there was a change in circumstance. That can be essential with the ongoing issues affecting many across the nation. If a person has lost his or her job or is facing sudden, massive medical expenses, this could be sufficient to get the modification.

The parent asking for the change must provide the previous two pay stubs; income tax returns for the past three years; income tax forms detailing their income; proof that the person has other children; what they are paying in insurance and other changes to their situation; expenses for daycare; medical and dental premium costs; and birth certificates of children the person might have but are not the offspring or responsibility of the parents in the case. It can take six months for the modification review to be completed. The support order could increase, decrease or remain unchanged.

Legal advice for any child support issue may be necessary

The fundamental aspect of a child support order is the state guidelines. This considers the parents’ income, medical insurance, school costs, parenting time, and if there are “extraordinary” costs. Child support can be complicated at any time, but when there is an ongoing national health concern, it can be even more critical to act right away to modify an order to meet the newfound needs. For advice and assistance, a firm with experience in family law, divorce and child support should be called as soon as possible.