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Why do long-term marriages end in divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2021 | Divorce

Divorce happens among couples of all ages. Throughout Tucson, young people and old all find themselves in marital situations that they wished to end through divorce. However, even though the process for ending marriages is the same across different age demographics, the repercussions and reasons for divorce can be very different depending on the age of the parties.

This post will discuss gray divorce, or divorces between individuals of older ages. It will identify some of the reasons that long-term marriages end in divorce and what effects divorce can have on people of retirement age. No part of this post should be read as legal guidance, and individuals of any ages who wish to learn more about divorce can do so with the help of trusted family law attorneys in their communities.

Reasons for gray divorces

The reason the parties to a failing marriage choose to divorce can be personal. However, certain trends have emerged regarding the grounds for gray divorces across the country. For example, marriages between older individuals sometimes end because the parties chose to marry when they were very young. Young marriages were common in decades past, and as individuals grow, they may learn that they are not compatible with their spouses.

Another reason that gray divorces are somewhat common is that divorce is no longer stigmatized as it was in the past. Couples that have suffered dysfunction for years may feel comfortable ending their marriages now that it is a relatively common and accepted practice. Another reason that gray divorces happen is that often individuals who remarry after first divorces find themselves facing second divorces once they have reached later ages.

The financial impact of gray divorce

Gray divorces are often focused on money and property, and not on children. Individuals who have reached retirement age often do not have minor dependents living with them. Rather than focusing their energy on child support and custody negotiations, gray divorcees may focus on dividing assets like retirement accounts, real property, and valuable collections.

Regardless of the age that a person decides they are ready to end their marriage, they should be aware of the numerous and important factors that can change and complicate their divorce proceedings. Gray divorce is are unique situation that some individuals may find themselves in when they choose to end their marriages. The right family law and divorce attorney can make a world of difference in the life of an individual who wishes to divorce. From their attorney, an individual can receive legal counseling, guidance, and advocacy from a professional who understands their needs and respects their wishes for their specific divorce outcomes.