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Can child support ever be changed?

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2022 | Firm News

Though divorce may end a marriage, it may not fully sever the relationship between the ex-spouses. If they share children, then they may continue to interact and work together for the benefit of their kids. Often parents communicate about the payment or nonpayment of child support.

As readers may know, child support is money that parents provide for the care of their kids following a divorce or separation. Both parents are obligated to financially support their children, and courts can help parents work through the state’s guidelines to determine how much each must pay. There are opportunities over time, though, for the initial sum to be altered.

Changing child support for cause

Parents can ask to change the child support obligations when a change of circumstances may warrant it. For example, when a parent is incarcerated, losses their job or health insurance, or changes their custodial status, they may have the grounds to alter the amount of money they pay in support. When a parent cannot fully pay their support obligation, they may wish to speak with a legal professional about their options to avoid noncompliance.

The quadrennial review

Due to state and federal laws, child support guidelines must be reviewed every four years. That means that existing orders may be altered if the guidelines under which the parents’ obligations operate are altered. Review help ensure that children receive the support they need as years pass.

Child support obligations can change. Parents can seek them based on their own needs, or they may be changed at regular intervals. Whenever questions of child support come up, parents can seek counsel from family law attorneys who are familiar with their cases.