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What factors are considered to determine the best interest of the child?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2022 | Child Custody

For many parents, the hardest part of the divorce is no longer having your children with you every day. Sharing parenting time with your child’s other parent can be difficult, even if you still get along with your ex. However, it is important to put personal feelings aside and focus on doing what is best for your child.

Arizona courts often refer to the “best interests of the child” standard when determining child custody arrangements during the divorce process. This standard requires courts to consider several factors when making this determination including:

  • Relationship and interactions between the child and each parent (past, current, and future) as well as relationships between the child and their siblings and other important people in their lives.
  • Child’s wishes (depending on child’s age and maturity).
  • Willingness of parent to encourage relationship with the other parent.
  • Mental and physical health of all parties.
  • Abuse or neglect in the household.

 After considering the necessary factors, the court will enter an order regarding child custody. The child custody order must be adhered to by both parents. If there is a substantial change in your life circumstances, you may file a petition with the court to modify the order.

Divorce can be difficult for the entire family, but it is often the children who are affected the most. Your attorney can make sure that your child’s needs are a priority throughout the divorce process and beyond.