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March 2015 Archives

Collecting child support payments from Social Security benefits

Collecting overdue child support payments can be a challenge for custodial parents who are living in Arizona. While there are several alternative methods of enforcement and coercion, including wage garnishment, property seizure and license suspension, some people overlook the possibility of going after Social Security payments being made to the delinquent parent. Knowledge of how to garnish benefit payments is particularly helpful in cases where the child support is long overdue.

Couples more likely to divorce if wife becomes ill

Arizona residents may find it interesting that a new study published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior found married couples are more likely to divorce if the wife becomes ill. The study, conducted by researchers at Purdue University and Iowa State University, also revealed that a husband's illness is not associated with an increase in divorce.

Artists and property division in Arizona

It is common for a couple who divorces to have to go through property division, where their community property is allocated between the two spouses. This can be a complicated issue, but with people who are artists, it may be even more complex. The reason is that works of art created by just one of the spouses during their marriage are in most cases considered to be marital property.

Medical professions show lower divorce rate than other jobs

According to a recently published study, medical professionals in Arizona and throughout the country are less likely to get divorced than the general public. The study indicated that among those medical professionals, doctors have one of the lowest divorce rates of all. Slightly more than one-third of people who do not work in health care are divorced, but the same is true for only 24 percent of doctors.


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