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Are costs for recreational activities part of child support?

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2024 | Child Support

Child support payments are typically intended to cover the basic needs of a child, which include food, clothing and shelter. It can also extend to educational expenses, medical care and possibly extracurricular activities. The idea behind this is that these expenses are essential for the child’s development, growth and overall well-being.

Nonetheless, some may question whether recreational or leisure activities are part of child support payments, given not every child has access to these in the first place.

Unique circumstances may call for its inclusion

In child support cases, courts consider various factors, which can be unique to each situation, when determining how much the support amount is and what it is intended for. If during its determination the court finds that recreational activities are essential to the child’s well-being, it can include the same in the support order.

Moreover, the court can also consider the standard of living of the parents and the child during its decision-making process, especially if engaging in leisure activities has been a substantial part of the child’s life.

Parents can agree to include these costs

If parents can agree, they might include a provision in their child support agreement that addresses the costs of recreational activities. They can decide whether to share this expense equally or in proportion to their incomes. Having this term can help clarify expectations and prevent potential conflicts.

Finding clarity about your situation

Child support laws can be tricky, especially that cases are different from each other and judges use their own varying discretion. In these cases, it may be beneficial to seek guidance from a legal professional who can provide clarity about child support laws and processes for you to understand how your child’s recreational activities might relate to their child support.