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Tips to enhance parenting plans for military families

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2024 | Child Custody, Family Law

Creating a parenting plan can be tough when the parents disagree on child custody and parenting time. It can be more difficult when at least one spouse serves in the military because of their constant movement due to changes in their assignments. This makes it harder for military families to come up with comprehensive parenting plans.

Being more flexible

Divorced parents of military families should strive to help their children adapt to the changes in their family. First, they have to adjust to their parents’ divorce and co-parenting setup. Then, they need to deal with their military parent’s temporary duty assignments, deployments and overseas commitments.

The Arizona Supreme Court’s parenting time guide makes these suggestions to help military families be more flexible:

  • Look to the future: Include a long-distance parenting plan to prepare for the time when the parents don’t live in the same area anymore.
  • Factor in their travels: Make detailed travel arrangements so that it would be easier to adjust to changes in assignments.
  • Seek to prolong their breaks: Extend winter or summer breaks so that the children could have more time to be with their nonresidential military parents.
  • Encourage consistent communication: Create a communication plan to help improve the long-distance relationship between military parents and their children.

The parenting guide added that it’s crucial to maintain healthy relationships between parents and children after the divorce. Moreover, the positive involvement of both parents may promote their children’s development and maturity.

Protecting the best interests of children

Meanwhile, if the parents still can’t agree on legal custody and parenting time, then the courts will step in. A judge will decide on custody matters and order a parenting plan in the best interests of the children.

Showing support for your kids

Navigating a co-parenting arrangement in a military family can be challenging and demanding. If you are part of a military family, having legal guidance may help you achieve a parenting plan that will express your continued support for your kids.