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Halle Berry going through 3rd divorce

After being married for two years, actors Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are calling it quits. Arizona residents may be interested to know that the couple released a statement announcing their divorce to CNN on Oct. 27. The pair met in 2012 on the movie set for "Dark Tide" and had a private wedding ceremony in France in July 2013.

Financial planning after an Arizona divorce

While everyone's financial goals may be different, it is important to understand what it takes to achieve financial independence after a divorce. The first step toward recovering financially after a marriage comes to an end is to take action as soon as possible in an effort to maximize the potential for living on only one income. Once an individual decides to take action, it is a good idea to create a list of goals and priorities.

Testing for marijuana may result in a false positive

As some Arizona parents have found, child custody and visitation disputes may be complicated by one parent showing positive on a drug test. A study done in Germany reports that false positives are sometimes produced from hair strand tests that show the presence of marijuana. According to the study, those who use cannabis may transfer the metabolites measured in hair testing through marijuana smoke, hands, sweat or sebum. With the numbers of marijuana users estimated at between 125 and 127 million worldwide, it is the most popular illicit drug.

Legal advice may be helpful during divorce

Arizona residents who are going through a divorce might think it will be faster and cheaper if they do not hire a lawyer, but this may not always be the case. Failing to hire a lawyer might be more expensive in the long run if an individual makes poor decisions due to the stress of the situation.

Financial changes in divorce

As many former Arizona couples have learned, divorce is a time of change. For some, it is an emotionally taxing time. For many others, it involves financial change. Understanding how the end of a marriage can often bring financial consequences can be important for people who are at the start of the divorce process.


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