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How to divide retirement accounts

Individuals in Arizona who are getting a divorce must divide their property, and this may include retirement accounts. However, there are regulations about how retirement accounts can be distributed in a divorce in order to avoid taxes and penalties.

Older people divorcing in record numbers

Divorce among Arizona retirees may be on the rise, as married couples over 50 are deciding to call it quits at record numbers. According to researchers from Bowling Green State University, twice as many people in that age group divorced in 2014 than in 1990. While divorce among older Americans is becoming more common, the overall divorce rate across all age groups is down.

Hiding assets and spending from spouses in Arizona

A recent survey indicates that financial infidelity in a marriage, described as hiding funds or spending from a spouse, is more common than people may have thought. The telephone survey of over 840 Americans determined that some spouses will open bank and credit card accounts and keep them hidden from their partners. People also will sometimes take money from ATMs and set it aside.

Dividing a business in a divorce

When an Arizona business owner goes through a divorce, losing the company can be a big fear. Whether a business was jointly owned by the spouses or owned by just one of them, there will be questions about how the business assets should be divided in a divorce settlement. If a business owner plans ahead for a divorce, there may be a better chance of keeping the company


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