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Summer vacations and parenting time

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2016 | Child Custody

An important part of Arizona parenting plans is planning for summers. Child custody and visitation plans should include plans for how summer vacations will be handled. People should begin planning for how to handle summer parenting time well in advance.

Including a time before summer starts by which one parent will notify the other regarding planned vacations is important. This can help both parents plan their own vacations with their children during the summer break. It is also common for parenting time to be handled differently during the summer months. Having the ability to have liberal contact with both parents is important for children and their development.

Parents should try to exercise their parenting time at all times. This allows them to build on the relationships they have with their children. Even though arguments may arise, it is also important to try not to interfere with the other parent’s contact with his or her child. Being flexible can help both parents work together to raise their child while also helping the child to be happier.

Parents who have joint physical custody of their children should remember they will need to be able to work together for years. Studies have shown that children do best when they have the ability to see both parents frequently. When people are thinking about parenting plans in their divorce cases, they may want to get help from their family law attorneys. Legal counsel can help their respective clients step back from the emotional nature of child custody disputes so they can make certain that what they are doing is truly in the best interests of their children.