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Ways to divorce with less hassle

On Behalf of | May 10, 2016 | Family Law

Divorce is sometimes the best option for estranged Arizona couples, but this does not mean that dissolving a marriage is always easy or cheap. There are some tips that might allow people to avoid some of the financial and emotional burdens that a divorce could cause.

As living arrangements change and partners become less civil with each other, it is important to gather potentially necessary information while still having access to it and knowing where it is located. This includes usernames and passwords for joint accounts, bank statements and other financial documents. Taking photos of the possessions in the marital home is also helpful as these assets will likely have to be divided during a divorce.

Children are another big part of what a couple must work out an arrangement for, and a custody battle is something parents need to avoid. Children should be separated from the divorce process as much as possible, and parents must not speak ill of each other when around the kids. Courts usually favor parents who attempt to work together so that a child has a relationship with both of them. Attacking the other parent’s character is not always useful and often makes proceedings longer and more expensive.

Couples who can compromise and communicate honestly with each other have the best chance at resolving things quickly and with less hassle, which would likely also be less expensive. Negotiation or mediation might be utilized when going through a divorce, and this may allow a couple to avoid arguing over issues in a courtroom. An attorney can often assist a client in obtaining a fair settlement agreement that incorporates property division and other applicable issues.