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Financial considerations before remarrying

When Arizona residents who have gone through a divorce enter into new marriages, they will be creating a new financial union. If one or both partners have children from another relationship, they will be forming a blended family with stepchildren and stepparents. Prior to the marriage, financial planners recommend that partners disclose their financial situations and discuss how to address immediate and long-term expenses for the children as well as saving for retirement. Some people might choose to execute a formal prenuptial agreement, but having a conversation about these issues might suffice for other couples.

Making a child support agreement outside of court

There are a number of options available for Arizona parents who are getting a divorce and who would prefer not to go through litigation and have a judge make a child support decision. Parents might choose an alternative dispute resolution process. Arbitration is not very common in family law, but it may be used in some cases. It involves a neutral third party who listens to both sides and reaches a decision. The parents do not necessarily have to abide by the decision, and aspects of it might be changed later in court. With mediation and collaborative law, parents actively participate in resolving conflict and reaching a compromise.

Getting finances ready for a divorce

Couples in Arizona who are considering getting a divorce should consider the effect a separation could have on their finances. In order to prepare their finances for a divorce, there are certain steps that each party should take.

Nesting as an alternative to traditional joint custody

Arizona parents who would like to share custody of their children after a divorce but who are concerned about the potentially destabilizing effect on the children of moving between homes might want to consider nesting. This refers to an arrangement in which the parents and not the children rotate in and out of the family home.


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