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Signs that a co-parenting relationship is healthy

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2019 | Child Custody

While it may be difficult to do at times, parents in Arizona who have gone through a divorce know that it is more productive to focus on the positive sides of co-parenting as opposed to focusing on the negative. Focusing on what is actually working can help co-parents as they take step to improve areas that aren’t working so well.

When parents have joint physical custody of their children, it is a lot easier to co-parent when established boundaries are recognized on both ends. It is better to focus on what a person can control and not what they cannot control. For example, unless it is specifically outlined in the custody agreement, a person cannot control when their ex-spouse dates someone new and introduces the individual to their children. What a parent can focus on is helping their children see positive ways to deal with disappointments.

It is important to have a healthy routine when co-parenting. However, it is also important to be flexible. When one ex-spouse tries to accommodate the needs of the other, it is likely that the same courtesy may be returned. Being more communicative about what works is better than constantly focusing on how the arrangement is not working.

Another sign of effective co-parenting is that both individuals work to agree on most decisions. They work to do what is best for the children and try to come to a happy medium when it comes to things like the children’s education, discipline, healthcare and spiritual upbringing.

When a person is thinking about divorce, they may have questions about child custody and the laws that pertain to co-parenting. An individual may decide to speak with a family law attorney to get legal advice regarding visitation, joint legal custody, sole legal custody and other matters that arise during the divorce process.