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When couples don’t eat together, divorce could be coming

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2019 | Divorce

When couples in Arizona no longer eat dinner together, they may be headed for divorce. This may sound like a radical statement or a major assumption, but experts say that it is often an indication that a marriage is falling apart. Of course, couples may start spending meals apart due to conflicting work schedules and shifts. However, they may soon find themselves spending time apart even on the weekends or other days off from work, especially if the spouses make little effort to offset the logistical problems posed by their work schedules. Essentially, the loss of shared time can be a reflection that both partners are growing apart from one another.

Eating apart isn’t the only seemingly minor issue that can indicate that the end of a marriage is coming. When couples stop enjoying fun activities or laughing together, this can indicate that they no longer enjoy being in each other’s presence. The same is true for couples that essentially end their intimate or romantic relationships. While they may still have a relatively stable home life, they may no longer feel a deep connection to one another that helps to keep a marriage strong and long-lasting. They may even find themselves staying late at the office or volunteering for business trips to avoid time spent alone with the other spouse.

Of course, marital conflicts can also be more visible. When one partner is struggling with addiction, this is a common sign that the marriage is on the rocks. Only some relationships are able to recover from a damaging addiction.

When couples decide to divorce, there are serious legal and financial repercussions that can follow. A divorcing spouse may contact a family law attorney for representation during negotiations to reach a settlement on matters like property division, child custody and spousal support.