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How to deal with a toxic co-parent

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2019 | Child Custody

Good co-parenting requires each ex to put the children’s best interests first. Unfortunately, some exes can be considered “toxic” and bring a lot of unwanted drama. Arizona residents in this situation may want to learn some tips that can help them successfully co-parent with a toxic person.

Couples often divorce because of power struggles. When a person has to communicate with a toxic co-parent, they need to remember that the interaction is not about pulling rank. The communication between the co-parents should be focused on the children. Many have found that it’s best to keep a business-like attitude throughout the process. It may be helpful to use a parenting portal or email as opposed to having face-to-face conversations or sending text messages.

New boundaries should be set after a divorce, and both parties have to stand by them. One shouldn’t allow themselves to be baited or react emotionally to negative comments, manipulation or sarcasm. A person has the power to decide how and when they will engage with an ex-spouse. Unless the discussion directly pertains to the children or parenting, the other person is not required to even respond.

A concerned parent may wish to document all communication with a toxic ex-spouse. This information could potentially be needed in a legal setting in the future. If that time does come, a person may wish to speak with an attorney to find out how a child custody arrangement may be modified. The attorney could provide information about custody arrangements that are in the children’s best interests and the visitation rights that each parent has.