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Multiple experts can help people going through divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2020 | Divorce

Ending a marital union can no doubt be tricky, particularly for couples with significant monetary assets. Fortunately, though, divorcing individuals in Arizona can seek the help of experts when it comes to navigating financial and legal matters during their divorce proceedings. Here is a rundown on a few important experts to partner with early on in the divorce proceeding.

For starters, some divorcing couples may find value in hiring certified appraisers to assess their assets’ value. Information about how valuable certain assets can influence the outcome of the division of their property during the divorce proceeding. Assets that certified appraisers may value include furniture, antiques, clothing, wine collections and real property.

Hiring forensic accounts may also be beneficial in certain divorce situations. For instance, perhaps a divorcing spouse is having a hard time tracing the other party’s stream of income. A forensic accountant can dig through records to determine both parties’ income sources. This will help the two parties to better understand their individual lifestyles and thus determine the most appropriate amounts that should be paid out in child and spousal support.

An attorney is also an invaluable member of a divorce team in Arizona, as attorneys offer guidance on a wide range of family law issues. For instance, an attorney may help his or her client to determine which assets to keep versus give up to the other party. The attorney’s main goal is to help the client to achieve a fair and comprehensive settlement with his or her future ex-spouse.