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What is a no-fault divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2020 | Divorce

The term “no-fault” divorce may seem out of place when discussing the end of a marriage. It would seem for many couples, but for the fault of one or both of the parties, the marriage would go on. However, Arizona residents must tackle and understand the idea of a no-fault divorce when they decide to terminate their marital relationships.

Removing fault from divorce hearings

The ends of marriages can come about from many different causes. While some partners may simply grow apart from their spouses, other couples may experience extreme or traumatic events that preclude their abilities to live together as married partners. Yet others may discover unfavorable or questionable information about their partners that drives them to leave.

In short, the ends of marriages can involve highly personal facts and information that not all individuals want to share in court. No-fault divorce helps keep these pieces of information out of courtroom hearings where it may become known to others and the public. To secure a no-fault divorce, a person must only show that their marriage is irretrievably broken.

Satisfying the requirements of an Arizona divorce

Once a party files their divorce pleading based on the irretrievable breakdown of their marriage, they must meet other mandates. They must have residency to satisfy the laws of the state so that their legal matter can be heard in court, and they may have to attend a hearing on their divorce that can push back the date their divorce hearings will take place.

Divorces involve many negotiations regarding children, money, and property. It can be difficult for Tucson residents to handle the details of their divorces on their own, and many seek the help of divorce attorneys. This post does not offer any legal guidance and should not be read as legal advice.