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Are there things Millennials do that could hurt their marriages?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2021 | Divorce

There are many differences between the Millennial and Baby Boomer generation. Though, both generations have one thing in common, they both want to stay married. And, professionals agree, both generations take the idea of “till death do us part” seriously. After all, who gets married just to get divorced? However, Millennials do one thing that substantially increases their chances of getting a divorce later life: prior to marriage and even prior to an engagement, couples move in together without agreeing on building a life together or committing to getting married later in life.

Traditional divorce versus Millennial divorce

Before continuing, it is important to note that there is a new buzz term, “Millennial divorce,” which is different from what most of us think as a traditional divorce. Essentially, a Millennial divorce is simply a parting of a non-married, cohabitating couple, i.e., a couple that lives together, but decides to break up. Millennial divorce has many of the trappings of a traditional divorce because a separating couple is attempting to unravel a life lived together, but neither couple has any of the protections of a traditional divorce and, generally speaking, courts will not help, except for those matters that have a contract, like lease agreements.

Increased rates of traditional and Millennial divorce

Due to many factors, like an ever-increasing wealth gap and cost of living, Millennials are opting to live together (cohabitate) at ever increasing numbers. Indeed, research by the Office for National Statistics shows that from 2008 to 2018, the number of unmarried Millennial couples choosing to live together increased by nearly 30 percent, which, is much higher than the rate of couples choosing to get married.

The issue

According to experts, this increase in non-marriage cohabitation is not only killing marriage rates, but also increasing divorce rates. This is because many of these couples are moving in together without having tough conversations about their own desires for the future, which, in turns, can lead to a divorce, whether it is a traditional or Millennial divorce.

The solution

Stop moving in together until to-be spouses have had the conversation about their future desires, including whether or not they want to get married, have kids, where they want to live, retirement, current finances, etc. This conversation, which should be had before moving in together, will make moving forward much easier. Though, for those couples that have already passed this and are now seeking a divorce, contact a Tucson, Arizona, divorce/family law attorney.