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3 signs you’re headed to a January divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2023 | Divorce

As the holiday season comes to a close and the new year begins, an interesting phenomenon will start to take center stage in family law offices all over the country: A whole stream of couples will take their first real steps toward a divorce.

A lot of people who are unhappy in their marriages will hit “pause” on their divorce plans simply because they don’t want to face the holiday season alone. Others are afraid of the social backlash that can come from ending a marriage at this time of year, or they’re worried about the effect that a holiday divorce will have on their children. 

So, they bide their time – but there are usually still observable signs that they have one foot out the door. You may want to start thinking ahead if:

1. All the fighting has abruptly stopped

Marital problems don’t just go away because the holidays are here. If all the arguments with your spouse over money, gifts and visits from relatives (among other things) have suddenly ceased, it would be wise to be curious. There’s every possibility that your spouse has already decided to leave, so they no longer feel like anything is worth fighting about.

2. Your spouse’s prized possessions seem to be missing

When someone has one foot out of the door, it’s not unusual for them to start stashing their most valuable things elsewhere. If your spouse has suddenly decided to pack up their anime collection to store in their mother’s attic or they’ve put other important items in storage, it could be a proactive measure that’s designed to prevent damage if your split becomes contentious.

3. They’ve changed all their passwords without telling you

It’s not uncommon for couples to know each other’s passwords or access codes for just about everything. If you recently discovered that your spouse changed the passcode on their phone or computer and “forgot” to tell you, that could be a sign that they’re hiding something. They may be worried that you’ll accidentally see conversations they’ve had with friends, family members and others about their plans. They may also be hiding things like the fact they’ve set up new bank accounts or started looking for places to live.

A divorce rarely comes as a complete shock to anybody involved. If you have the feeling that your spouse is just waiting until the holidays are over to make the big announcement, it may be wisest to get your own legal guidance.