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Why is gray divorce getting more common?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2024 | Divorce

Divorce rates in the U.S. have gotten very interesting in recent years. Contrary to what people say about how the divorce rate is always going up and divorce is becoming more common, the majority of Americans actually have a declining divorce rate. For most age groups, they’re just getting divorced less often than previous generations.

Where that is not true, however, is with the Baby Boomer generation. In fact, if you simply look at those who are 50 years old and older – which extends slightly beyond Baby Boomers – you’ll find that this age group has a rising divorce rate. They are the only age group to show this trend, so why is it happening?

Divorce is easier now

One potential reason is that these individuals would have gotten divorced when they were younger, but it was harder. Maybe they were worried about the social stigma, which is largely gone now, or maybe the drafting of no-fault divorce laws has just made it easier for them to split up.

They’re going through major changes

Another thing to think about is that many people in the 50+ age group are experiencing a lot of life changes. Maybe their children have recently moved out of the house, making them empty nesters. Often, couples in this position will discover that they actually drifted apart during their marriage. They only notice it after the children leave because there are fewer distractions and they can focus on their own relationship.

If you are getting divorced this year, especially if you’re in an older age bracket where it’s more likely that you’re dealing with significant assets, it can be complex. Be sure you understand exactly what legal steps to take.