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January 2016 Archives

Prenuptial agreements protect assets

It is becoming more common for Arizona residents to get prenuptial agreements prior to getting married. Traditionally, only those who were wealthy or were walking down the aisle for the second time would get a prenuptial agreement to protect the assets that they already had prior to marriage.

Arizona uses social media to out child support non-payers

Arizonan fathers who have outstanding child support obligations may be surprised to see themselves called out on Twitter. In January 2016, the state's Department of Economic Security took to the social media platform to publicly reveal the names, photographs and overdue child support debt amounts of men who failed to pay their bills.

Social Security benefits for former spouses

It is not uncommon for one person in a marriage to forego employment opportunities in order to stay home and take care of household and child rearing duties while the other spouse has a lucrative career. This could have an adverse effect on his or her future Social Security benefits, especially when the couple's marriage later ends, but the Social Security Administration has rules that protect certain lower-earning spouses in this regard.

Co-parenting successfully

When an Arizona couple shares a child but are no longer together, getting along for the sake of the child may be difficult. It is a good idea to try to do so, however, as children have been shown to fare better if they have the benefit of good relationships with both parents.


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