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Divorce rates on the rise for couples over 50, study says

Arizona is home to many married couples over the age of 50, some of whom moved to Arizona specifically to enjoy their retirement. Presumably, people do not go into retirement expecting to get a divorce, but one study shows that divorce among couples over 50 in the United States has been on the rise for decades, with the rate doubling from 1990 to 2010.

Important documents for child custody

Parents in Arizona who have to attend child custody hearings should be prepared to present the best evidence for their case. It is important that they have certain documents submitted with their written submissions to the court to support their arguments and that they have copies at the hearings.

Preparing to purchase the marital home during a divorce

For couples ending a marriage in Arizona, the biggest asset is often the family home. Whether it's emotional attachments, children or other considerations, there are many reasons why a soon-to-be-ex would want to fully purchase the marital home from their spouse. When this is the case, the buying spouse is often advised to determine if the move is financially feasible.

Negotiating for a more successful divorce

Divorce is often associated with visions of courtroom battles and drawn-out financial disputes. However, Arizona spouses who wish to end their marriages don't have to go that route. It's possible to work collaboratively with lawyers to negotiate a divorce settlement that is acceptable to all parties and allows both spouses to walk away successfully from the marriage. This can be a particularly viable choice for divorcing couples with children as many parents want to protect their kids from the aftereffects of a contentious, high-conflict divorce.

An overview of the child custody hearing process

After a divorce or separation, parents in Arizona will need to create a parenting plan. One of the first steps in creating such a plan is determining who will be the custodial parent. In some cases, both parents have joint custody of their children. During a child custody hearing, a judge will determine who should have legal custody and who should have physical custody of a child.

Helping children cope after divorce

Divorce is typically difficult for every member of the family, especially children. Nevertheless, with the support of their parents, children are able to find happiness and stability after their parents have divorced in Arizona or elsewhere.

New tax rules could impact 2019 alimony agreements

Arizona couples who divorce in 2019 or later will be operating under new tax rules when it comes to alimony. Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts of 2017, alimony that is paid as part of a divorce agreement will no longer be tax deductible. Meanwhile, alimony payments will no longer be considered taxable income. This is the exact opposite of the way alimony has been taxed for the past 76 years.

The pros and cons of a child custody nesting arrangement

Some Arizona parents who are getting a divorce might have heard about a practice called nesting. This involves the children remaining in one home while parents take turns living there with them. Nesting can help children adjust to the divorce, but it also requires a high level of cooperation between parents. Furthermore, it is important for children to understand that the arrangement does not mean parents will be getting back together.

Financial complications of gray divorce

The divorce rate for those aged 50 or older has approximately doubled since the 1990s. This means more Arizona residents than ever before are facing the financial hardships that come with a so-called gray divorce. There are many ways in which these sorts of divorces are more costly and more complicated than those earlier in life.