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Pitfalls divorcing couples in Arizona should avoid

Going through the final days of a marriage can be a highly emotional experience for Arizona couples, but attempting to get through the process as quickly as possible can lead to costly mistakes. While it may be difficult to avoid all of the pitfalls that can crop up during a divorce, many serious errors can be avoided if spouses take their time and think carefully before they act.

Deciding who gets the family pet in a divorce

Pets, just like children, need to be accommodated when Arizona couples who own them decide to separate. At one time, family dogs and cats were considered property and subject to the asset division process. However, many courts now view these faithful companions as members of the family. Their well-being needs to be considered just like the best interests of any children are considered in divorce actions.

Affleck and Garner divorce and prenuptial agreements

Movie fans in Arizona may have been surprised when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced on June 30 that they were planning to divorce, but entertainment industry insiders had been predicting the couple would split for some time. Reports indicate that Affleck and Garner had been living apart for several months prior to the announcement, which has led to speculation about why the couple did not break the news sooner.

Google won't be affected by co-founder's divorce

Arizona Internet users may have heard that a co-founder of Google has recently been divorced. After eight years of marriage, Sergey Brin divorced 23andMe founder Anne Wojcicki. A California court approved the couple's divorce in May, but the details of the couple's divorce settlement were not made public. Brin and Wojcicki have two children together.


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